Fitness Audit

Not seeing results in the gym or on the scale?

Do a self-audit.

Take an (honest) assessment of your:
Caloric intake.
Step count.
Adherence to your training program.

Caloric Intake:
Do you know how may calories you eat on a daily basis?

Many trainees under-eat good calories and over-eat crap calories.
Monitoring food intake is crucial to seeing results on the scale.
To ensure proper caloric consumption, start weighing and measuring food intake.

Best practices:
Get a food scale (~$20USD) and measuring cups/spoons.
Read food labels. Noting total calories, protein, carbs, and fat per serving.

Use a tracking app such as My Fitness Pal to log calorie consumption.

It can be daunting at first, but after 3-days you will be dialed in and know exactly what’s going in your mouth.

Step Count:
Open the health app on your phone (iPhone) and do an audit of your step count.

A good goal to shoot for is 10,000+ steps per day.
10K is about 5miles which burns roughly 500cals.

Annually, 10K steps per day is:
182,500cals burned per year.
1,825miles walked.
That translates to 70-marathons worth of miles!

How many times are you REALLY going to the gym on a weekly basis?
Most trainees over-estimate their gym usage.
Check your gym app to see your actual attendance.

There is a MAJOR difference when it comes to results trining 3-days per week verses 4-days per week (or 5).

3x/week = 156 training hours
4x/week = 208 training hours
5x/week = 260 training hours

Imagine the results you would see by adding 104 training hours per year.
Think of the changes that would occur.

Improved body composition.
More energy.
Better sleep & mood.
Increased strength & endurance.
Normalized hormone & blood-lipid profiles.
Increased sex drive.
Extended life expectancy.

An audit of calories, steps, and workouts can go a LONG way toward moving the health & fitness needle.

Start now and set yourself up for success the rest of the year!

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