Get ready for permanent results!

Implement my 10 Hyper Powerful Healthy Habits that I teach for permanent weight loss.
Remove the guesswork.
Build specific default HABITS & SYSTEMS into your daily routine.
Get the accountability, coaching, and mentorship you need to succeed!

Onramp Coaching Call:
30min 1-on-1 Master Class (done via zoom)
Access to my app, OT Fitness, for tracking habits and uploading your accountability check-ins.
If you stick with it….you will be set up for Life Changing Results!

Get ready for the ultimate NUTRITION learning experience!

Implement my Nutrition Tactics for Optimal Health.
Learn my anti-inflammatory eating strategy.
Macronutrient Deep Dive
Understanding / Reading Labels
Creating a Caloric Deficit
Mastering the systems for eating healthy and feeling great!

Coaching Call:
30min 1-on-1 Master Class (done via zoom)
Meal Plan
Nutrition Guide

Get ready to Build Strength & Torch Calories!

Learn how to structure a weekly workout program.
Build Strength and Endurance Capacity.
Gain lean muscle mass and torch calories.
Get leaner, get stronger, feel amazing!

Coaching Call:
30min 1-on-1 Master Class (done via zoom)
Simple Strength Program
Fitness Guide

Check out this intro video on Hyper Powerful Healthy Habits!








Hear It From My Clients:

"At forty years old I'm in the best shape of my life. I look good and feel great! I have an abundant supply of energy throughout the day. Training with Coach OT has been a game changer" -Dave

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I have helped over 1.5K people reach their fitness & nutrition goals!
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