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We have always supported Rogue Fitness and used their products at the gym. We are now an official Affiliate of Rogue!
You will be able to  purchase their products while supporting CrossFit Lakewood and Rogue!

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About Rogue (from their website):
As history shows us, productive American factories not only produce better quality products, they also provide their workers with a sense of pride and a fair wage. Those employees, in turn, have the ability to purchase more goods within that same ecosystem, bringing orders back into the factories and sustaining the cycle. Stronger businesses. Better products. Happier workforce.
These basic principles are what we’re talking about when we use the words “Industrial Revolution 2.0.” It’s not some grand, abstract concept. It’s an understanding of the power of a self-sustaining community, and the risks of breaking any one link in the chain. Without a factory, workers wind up unemployed or in service industry jobs for minimum wage. With less money to spend, they are more likely to purchase cheap, imported goods from large retail box stores. This leads to more orders going overseas, local businesses suffering, and fewer jobs. It’s a common reverse cycle with dire consequences.
This is why the Industrial Revolution 2.0 is something we believe in, and maybe more importantly, something we feel a responsibility to help advance in our own community. To prove it, we’re building a manufacturing campus right in the middle of downtown Columbus, Ohio—showing our loyalty to the city in which we started.
The Rogue mission really is pretty simple when it comes to principles, but it’s also not the “easy” way—otherwise, everyone would be doing it. What good thing ever came easy, though? One step in front of the other, we will take the mountain. See you on the other side.

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