Training Routine: Legs

For some the mention of leg day is often associated with sore muscles and the inability to walk or sit down on the toilet. However, incorporating leg workouts into your weekly training routine is essential for building strength and developing lean muscle.
Not only do the legs contain some of the biggest muscles in the body, we just so happen to use our legs every day! Whether it’s walking, going up stairs, running, lifting something off the ground, our legs muscles are being utilized daily. Strengthening the legs will help with every day activities and improve overall quality of life.
When programing leg workouts into your weekly fitness routine, it is recommended that you dedicate 2-3 workouts per week to them.
Here’s a sample of a lower body workout that can be implemented with very little equipment.


3 Rounds
1:00min light jog
10 Air Squats
10 In-Place Lunges, (5R/5L)
10 Leg Raises

Strength Training:
Back Squat, 4 x20
4 sets of 20 repetitions
Start off light and increase in weight as needed.
Make sure you can get all 20reps in with choose weight 

3 Rounds
100ft Walking Lunge
25 Russian Kettle Bell Swings
90sec Plank

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