How to Reclaim Your Health: Part 1, Mindset

How to Reclaim your Health

Part 1: Mindset

Before embarking on a fitness transformation, you must first cultivate a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA).

A PMA is necessary for achieving any life goal.

There will be high and low points on your journey. It is crucial to have the attitude of succeeding no matter what obstacle comes your way (and obstacles will come, more on that later). 

Always visualize yourself as succeeding.

Hold this picture tenaciously.

Never permit it to fade.

If a negative thought creeps in, snuff it out immediately with a with a positive one.

Never think of yourself as failing; never doubt yourself. The mind always tries to complete what it pictures. 

Know that you will encounter adversity on your journey.

Be prepared for it. Draw on your inner strength to overcome said adversity and respond accordingly.

When adversity happens, know that there is always a solution to the problem.

You may have to go up, over, or charge straight through the problem, but you can always overcome it.

Additionally, most problems are self-inflicted.

Are your friends a bad influence? Are they detracting you from reclaiming your health?

The good news, you have complete control over the situation. Keep those friends at arms length and stay laser focused on your goal.

If they are true friends they will understand. If they are fake friends, you definitely made the right move.

This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to mindset, positive thinking, and winning in life.

It takes daily effort to build and maintain a PMA. Train your mind to hold a positive and successful frame and watch how your reality will change for the better.

To summarize, always believe in yourself and have faith that you will succeed in your endeavors!

Next, Part 2: Taking Action and Building a Habit. 

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